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Eau de Parfum


SPECTRE 575 - 149

Casting sensorial blue shades upon the resins and tonka in its base, vibrations of cardamom spice awaken the bergamot for an aura of warmth and discovery around you.

Alûstre Packshot Perfume 100Ml 575 149 01 (1)

100 ml

Sale price €150,00 EUR
50 ml
Aromatic Profile

The shadows of bergamot.

  • Top notes

    Bergamot, Pomelo, Cumin Seeds, Cistus, Cardamom

  • Heart notes

    Guaiac Wood, Lavender & Agrestic Freshness, Cinnamon, Peach Touch

  • Basenote

    White Musk, Heliotrope, Vanilla, Frankincense Resin, Opopanax Resin, Tolu Balm, Patchouli Ambergris, Tonka Bean