Our Commitments & Culture Discover the commitments that drive the daily workings of Alûstre and our team. 


Awareness and consideration of our environmental impact is a factor in every aspect of our business proceedings. From material sourcing, carbon footprint evaluation, to product and packaging life cycle, Alûstre constantly strives to be mindful from a 360-degree perspective.


We consider diversity not only an asset, but a quintessential element of our company. Alûstre is an equal opportunity employer, and a growing group of individuals which celebrate and are enriched by individuality, diversity, and embracing different points of view. We strive to be the employer of choice for anyone, regardless of who you are, as long as you wish to be a part of a brand which is constantly pushing the boundaries of beauty, excellence, and freedom of expression.



Active and consistent outreach to our community is a core commitment. We are currently setting up an advisory board to construct and implement a strategy in which we give back in an impactful and thoughtful way, dedicating and working with causes and foundations which truly make a difference.

Explore the cultural aspects of Alûstre


We focus on our creative and business processes with a genuine understanding of and respect for how our actions and decisions affect our colleagues and shared goals.



We are safe to be open and honest with our colleagues, trusting in each other’s good intentions and potential. Our environment is built on respect, a true appreciation of our colleagues, and a genuine interest in understanding different points of view.



We share our knowledge and seek to find solutions together, casting aside personal ambition and hidden agendas for the shared good of the company.



We take responsibility for our actions; delivering on our promises, admitting errors, and accepting the consequences of our conduct.



We consciously balance our own needs with the needs of others while being considerate, responsive, and supportive in our everyday interactions.



We empower by trusting our colleagues to deliver what is needed, providing constructive feedback, and by recognizing and celebrating individual achievements.

Alûstre’s philosophy is centered around total inclusivity, individual diversity, and unparalleled quality.